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One of the most important issues of concern for most Buyers, Sellers, Landlords and Tenants is “Who do I represent?”. Simply put we are allowed by law to represent a client as the Seller’s Broker or the Buyer’s Broker OR with written permission from both parties I can “represent” both the Buyer and Seller. In approximately 40% of Jack’s transactions, representation of both parties works because both Buyer and Seller are knowledgeable and armed with information to make educated decisions. In any transaction everything that is pertinent or may be pertinent to the parties is disclosed. Everything is on the “table” so to speak. If our marketing of a Sellers property attracts a Buyer in most cases I can best facilitate that transaction.

However; that is not always the case and some clients would rather be represented exclusively. That is prudent on their part and we are more than willing to do just that. When I market a property for a Seller, we have, in the course of securing the “listing”, committed in writing to represent the Seller. If we do not have the Sellers permission to also represent a Buyer we will recommend another broker or agent outside of my office to represent the Buyer’s best interest. When a Buyer expresses an interest in purchasing the property. We may, but not always, get a “referral fee” from the recommended broker or agent.

Whether representing Seller, Buyer or both we are committed to meeting needs and getting everything done in a timely manner. However; when a written contract is presented to us on behalf of a client it will take priority over any other tasks needing to be attended to and in some cases may cause a slight delay in getting information to you. Please be assured, I have not “forgotten” you and will work equally as hard on your contract when the time comes!

Thank you for your confidence and please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you.

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