Commercial Real Estate


We specialize in commercial real estate for Prescott, Arizona, and the Quad-City area. 

We can provide you or your business assistance with:

  • Buying commercial land or commercial structures

  • Selling commercial land or commercial real estate

  • Leasing commercial buildings

  • Property management for commercial properties.

    Jack Fowler, CCIM | JFowler Commercial, LLC

    (928) 899-1378

    Josh Fowler, Realtor | JFowler Commercial, LLC

    (928) 710-8072

    J Fowler Commercial LLC

    J Fowler Commercial

    Jack Fowler- 928-899-1378

    Josh Fowler- 928-710-8072

    Josh Fowler & Jack Fowler at J Fowler Commercial Real Estate in Prescott, AZ
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